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12V/24V Dual Output Car Charger with Charge & Data USB cable for iPad, iPhone, iPod


Manufacturer: ENECHARGER

Product Information

Description 12V/24V Dual Output Car Charger with Charge & Data USB cable for iPad, iPhone, iPod
Original Brand Apple
Brand Enecharger
Termination Connector

The enecharger series of portable device chargers/power adaptors is a total charging solution that also offers the freedom to use the one charger for most modern digital devices including many models of mobile phones, tablets, PDA's, portable games, digital cameras, portable media players, GPS devices and most other devices that can be charged from a USB power source. Now the average household can use one charger/power adaptor for most devices rather than needing a different charger adaptor for each individual device.

The key to the enecharger range is the wide range of device plug adaptors & adaptor leads incorporated with the above charger/power adaptor kits plus also being available separately.

Need to get out of the house but still need to charge on the go or in the office? Just disconnect the USB power cable with your adaptor plug from the home charger/power adaptor & insert into an enecharger vehicle charger/power adaptor and you can resume charging in the car. Once in front of the computer do the same again and plug USB cable with the adaptor plug into the computer's USB output. It's that simple.

Power input options available sold as kits or as individual components.

*Please note some devices use a USB adaptor cable for power/charging and also for communications/uploading/downloading with a computer. Except where marked#, the enecharger range is designed primarily for power/charging supply so may not always work for communication with a computer.

#Adaptor cables beginning with prefix CDC are both charge & data communications cables.


Suitable For:

Apple A1203
Apple A1219
Apple A1241
Apple A1303
Apple A1324
Apple A1325
Apple A1332
Apple A1337
Apple A1349
Apple A1387
Apple A1395
Apple A1396
Apple A1397
Apple A1403
Apple A1416
Apple A1430
Apple iPad
Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 3
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4S
Apple MA501LL/A
Apple MA712LL/A
Apple MB046LL/A
Apple MB048LL
Apple MB292LL/A
Apple MB384LL/A
Apple MB499LL
Apple MB715LL/A
Apple MB716LL/A
Apple MB717LL/A
Apple MB718LL/A
Apple MC176CH/A
Apple MC318LL/A
Apple MC319LL/A
Apple MC349LL/A
Apple MC496LL/A
Apple MC497LL/A
Apple MC536LL/A
Apple MC537LL/A
Apple MC676LL/A
Apple MC677LL/A
Apple MC678LL/A
Apple MC679LL/A
Apple MC705LL/A
Apple MC706LL/A
Apple MC707LL/A
Apple MC733LL/A
Apple MC744LL/A
Apple MC755LL/A
Apple MC756LL/A
Apple MC763LL/A
Apple MC764LL/A
Apple MC769LL/A
Apple MC770LL/A
Apple MC773LL/A
Apple MC774LL/A
Apple MC775LL/A
Apple MC916LL/A
Apple MC918LL/A
Apple MC919LL/A
Apple MC920LL/A
Apple MC921LL/A
Apple MC957LL/A
Apple MC979LL/A
Apple MC980LL/A
Apple MC981LL/A
Apple MC982LL/A
Apple MC983LL/A
Apple MC984LL/A
Apple MC985LL/A
Apple MC986LL/A
Apple MC987LL/A
Apple MC992LL/A
Apple MD269LL/A
Apple MD276LL/A
Apple MD277LL/A
Apple MD278LL/A
Apple MD279LL/A
Apple MD280LL/A
Apple MD281LL/A
Apple MD328LL/A
Apple MD329LL/A
Apple MD330LL/A
Apple MD363LL/A
Apple MD364LL/A
Apple MD365LL/A
Apple MD366LL/A
Apple MD367LL/A
Apple MD368LL/A
Apple MD369LL/A
Apple MD370LL/A
Apple MD371LL/A
Apple MD377LL/A
Apple MD378LL/A
Apple MD379LL/A
Apple MD380LL/A
Apple MD381LL/A
Apple MD382LL/A

Product Code: CC1224U-iPA

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