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Makita 7000 series High capacity 2.0Ah


Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Information

Application Power Tool / Cordless Drill
Original Brand Makita
Chemistry Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Voltage 7.2V
Nominal Capacity 2Ah
Watt Hour 14.4Wh
Brand Mi Battery Experts
Width 27mm
Height 140mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 47mm
Weight 390g


Battery pack contains fast charge/high rate discharge Sanyo cells.

Suitable For:

Makita 3700D
Makita 3700DW
Makita 4071D
Makita 4073D
Makita 4307D
Makita 4307DW
Makita 4770D
Makita 6002D
Makita 6002DW
Makita 6002DWK
Makita 6010D
Makita 6010DL
Makita 6010DW
Makita 6010DWK
Makita 6012D
Makita 6012DL
Makita 6012DW
Makita 6012DWK
Makita 6015
Makita 6015DWE
Makita 6015DWK
Makita 6016DW
Makita 6017DWBE
Makita 6017DWE
Makita 6018D
Makita 6018DWBE
Makita 6018DWE
Makita 6019D
Makita 6019DW
Makita 6019DWBE
Makita 6019DWE
Makita 6019DWLE
Makita 6022DW
Makita 6071DW
Makita 6071DWK
Makita 6072D
Makita 6072DL
Makita 6072DW
Makita 6072DWK
Makita 6073D
Makita 6073DW
Makita 6073DWK
Makita 6075D
Makita 6075DW
Makita 6172
Makita 6172D
Makita 6172DW
Makita 6710
Makita 6710D
Makita 6710DW
Makita 6912
Makita 6912D
Makita 6912DW
Makita 9035
Makita 9035D
Makita 9035DW
Makita 9200D
Makita 9500
Makita 9500D
Makita 9500DW
Makita DA3000D
Makita DA3000DW
Makita DA301D
Makita DA301DW
Makita DA302D
Makita DA302DW
Makita DA302DWB
Makita ML700
Makita ML700(Flashlight)
Makita ML701
Makita ML702
Makita UH1070DW
Makita UH3000D
Makita UH3000DW
Makita UH3070DW
Makita UM1000D
Makita UM1070
Makita UM1070DW
Makita UM1200
Makita UM1200DW
Makita UM1200W
Makita UM1270
Makita UM1270DW
Mikrofyn ML11x

Compatible With:

Makita 191679-9
Makita 192532-2
Makita 192695-4
Makita 632002-4
Makita 632003-2
Makita 7000
Makita 7001
Makita 7002
Makita 7033
Master BCM6S
Mikrofyn BH-60m

Product Code: BCM-7001


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