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Panasonic 12v 7.2Ah, LC-R127R2PU, LC-R127R2P

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Manufacturer: Panasonic

Product Code: LC-R127R2P

Product Information

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DescriptionSealed Lead Acid Battery,Valve Regulated (AGM Type)
ApplicationCyclic & Standby,UPS, Security, Alarm, Instrument, Test Equipment, Toy, Medical Equipment
ChemistrySealed Lead
Nominal Capacity7200mAh
TerminationFaston 187 (4.75mm) spade terminals
Outer Quantity10
CommentsSame battery as LC-R127R2P1 except with 4.8mm wide terminals instead of 6.35mm wide.


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Suitable For:

MIGHTY MULE FM150 - 12 volt battery replacement - 7.2 amp-hour maintenance free battery for the FM500 and FM502 Mighty Mule gate openers.

3M Healthcare (AVI) Delphin 700
Aequitron Medical Inc MCR 911D Muscle Stimulator
Airshields - Vickers - Narco 2A Narcomed Anesthesia Unit
Airshields - Vickers - Narco 2B Narcomed Anesthesia Unit
Airshields - Vickers - Narco 3B Narcomed Anesthesia Unit
American Edwards Labs 9510A Cardiac Output Comp
American Edwards Labs 9510 Cardiac Output Comp
Arrow International Inc 7300 Cardiac Output Monitor
Arrow International Inc 7350 Cardiac Output Monitor
Astro Med Inc Astromed Recorder Dash I
Astro Med Inc Astromed Recorder Dash II
Astro Med Inc Astromed Recorder Mark II
Astro Med Inc Super 8 Recorder
Astro Med Inc Z-1000 Graphic Recorder
Atom V808 Transcapsule Incubator Internal Battery
Bard Med Systems Power Pak System CPS H4305
Bard Med Systems Power Pak System CPS H4322
Baxter Health Care 58200A Monitor
Baxter Health Care 6100 Monitor
Baxter Health Care 700 Monitor
Biomedicus Inc 540 Blood Pump
Brentwood Instruments LS285 Defibrillator
Brentwood Instruments VPD261 Defibrillator
Burk Inc Big Boy Bed
Cobe 9651KEBO Scale
Codeman Mira 500 Chart Recorder
Critikon Inc 7300 Cardiac Pump
Critikon Inc 7350 Cardiac Pump
Cybex Model 6000
Dallans 4095 Monitor/Defibrillator
Dallas Instruments 4100 Tape System
Dittmar 741314 Power Lifter IV
Drager Julian Anesthetic Machine
Dyonics 40 Orthroscopic Surgical
Dyonics 60 Orthroscopic Surgical
Dyonics 85 Orthroscopic Surgical
Ferno Health Care 3000 Shower Trolley
Ferno Health Care 5000 Lift
Ferno Health Care 6000 Lift
Ferno Health Care 9650 Lift
Fisher Scientific Inc 212Z Isotemp Freezer
Gambo Engstrom 9651KEBO Scale
General Scanning Inc R1-5 Portable Recorder
Gould Inc SP1405 Physiological Monitor
Gould Inc SP2004 Blood Flow Monitor
Gould Inc SP2009 Recorder
Heart Mate Competitor Ergometer
Hill - Rom Co Inc Total Care Bed
Hoyer & Co. Inc Patient lift RPA 450
Imex Medical Systems 7000 PVL
Kelvinator Scientific Audio Alarm
Kelvinator Scientific Freezer Alarm-UC26F-6-040
Kimal Filtration System
Kontron 105 Monitor
Kontron 205 Monitor
Kontron 7142 Micro Gas Monitor
Kontron 7640 Micro Gas Monitor
Kontron Combo Sensor
Kontron Microgas TCM Monitor
Laerdal Heart Aid 95
Laerdal Heart Start 1000 Training
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Med Asonics Inc Medacord Doppler
Medi-Man Rehab Products Patient Lift 5000
Medi-Man Rehab Products Patient Lift 62200-600CB
Medimex Inc MVP 1500E Portable Ventilator
Medtronic Inc 200 Bio Pak
Medtronic Inc 540 Blood Pump
Medtronic Inc CardioRhythm
Medtronic Inc Model PVL 7000
Mennon Medical 700 Monitor
Mennon Medical 740 Monitor
Mennon Medical 741 Monitor
Mennon Medical 742 Monitor
Mennon Medical 9365 Monitor Defibrillator
Mennon Medical 936 Monitor Defibrillator
Mennon Medical 965 Monitor Defibrillator
Nellcor N3000 Date and Time
Ohmeda 5000 Oximeter
Parks Electronics Labs 1102 Compressor
Parks Electronics Labs 1103 Compressor
Parks Electronics Labs 1105 Compressor
Parks Electronics Labs 3000 Mini Lab IV
Physio Control VSM-11 ESF Vital signs monitor
Rauland - Borg Corp 3000 Nurse Call
Rico Suction Labs PB-12 Aspirator
Rico Suction Labs PB-12X Aspirator
Schuco Inc 138 Aspirator
Sebra 1070 Tube Sealer
Siemens Model 350 Transport
Sigma Inc 4000 Infusion Pump
Sscor Inc 30011
Sscor Inc 30012
Sscor Inc 40012
Sscor Inc 40013
Sscor Inc 40014
Sscor Inc S-Scort IV
Sscor Inc Vacstat Portable Suction Unit
Stimtech Products 500 Chart Recorder
Sunrise Medical Corp Biomedics Controller
Sunrise Medical Corp Pro Air Controller
Surgidyne Varidyne Varidyne Model 500-22E
Toledo 11617600A Infant Scale
Travenol 58200A Monitor
Travenol 6100 Monitor
Travenol 700 Monitor
Varidyne 500-22E Vaccum Controller


Product Code: LC-R127R2P

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