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Panasonic 850mAh, CGR-D120, VSB0418, CGR-D08A, CGR-D210, CGR-D220, CGR-D320, CGP-D28A, CGP-D28A/1B,


Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Code: VB120

Product Information

DescriptionVideo & Camcorder Battery
ApplicationVideo & Camcorder
ChemistryLithium Ion (LiIon)
Nominal Capacity1.1Ah
Watt Hour7.9Wh


Replacement for : HITACHI HITACHI DZ-MV Series DZ-MV250, DZ-MV100A DZ-MV200A, DZ-MV230A DZ-MV270A, DZ-MV100E DZ-MV200E, DZ-MV208E DZ-MV230E, DZ-MV270E PANASONIC PANASONIC AG-DVC Series AG-DVC7, AG-DVC15 Panasonic AG-DVX Series AG-DVX100, AG-DVX1000 PANASONIC NV-DA Series NV-DA1B, NV-DA1EG Panasonic NV-DS Series NV-DS3,NV-DS8 NV-DS15, NV-DS27 NV-DS28, NV-DS29 NV-DS30, NV-DS33 NV-DS37, NV-DS38 NV-DS55, NV-DS60 NV-DS65, NV-DS89 NV-DS99, NV-DS200 NV-DS12B, NV-DS15B NV-DS38B, NV-DS65B NV-DS77B, NV-DS150B NV-DS8EG, NV-DS12EG NV-DS15EG, NV-DS25EG NV-DS29EG, NV-DS30EG NV-DS38EG, NV-DS65EG NV-DS77EG, NV-DS990EG NV-DS15EN, NV-DS15ENC NV-DS88K PANASONIC NV-EX Series NV-EX3, NV-EX21 NV-EX1B, NV-EX1EG NV-EX3EG, NV-EX21EG Panasonic NV-GS Series NV-GS1, NV-GS4 NV-GS5, NV-GS1EG NV-GS3EG, NV-GS4EG NV-GS5EG, NV-GS5K Panasonic NV-GX Series NV-GX7, NV-GX7EG NV-GX7K Panasonic NV-MX Series NV-MX1, NV-MX5 NV-MX7, NV-MX8 NV-MX300, NV-MX500 NV-MX1000, NV-MX2000 NV-MX2500, NV-MX3000 NV-MX5000, NV-MX500B NV-MX2EG, NV-MX350EG NV-MX500EG Panasonic NV-RX Series NV-RX11EG, NV-RX22EG NV-RX33EG, NV-RX66EG Panasonic PV-DBP8 Series PV-DBP8, PV-DBP8A PANASONIC NVD Series NV-DS3, NV-DS8 NV-DS15, NV-DS33 NV-DS55, NV-DS99 NV-DA1B, NV-DS12B NV-DS77B, NV-DS150B Panasonic PV-DC Series PV-DC152, PV-DC252 PV-DC352 PANASONIC PV-DV Series PV-DV51, PV-DV52 PV-DV53, PV-DV73 PV-DV100, PV-DV101 PV-DV102, PV-DV103 PV-DV121, PV-DV200 PV-DV202, PV-DV203 PV-DV221, PV-DV351 PV-DV400, PV-DV401 PV-DV402, PV-DV600 PV-DV700, PV-DV701 PV-DV702, PV-DV710 PV-DV800, PV-DV851 PV-DV852, PV-DV900 PV-DV901, PV-DV910 PV-DV951, PV-DV952 PV-DV953, PV-DV601D PV-DV851D, PV-DV100K PV-DV200K, PV-DV201K PV-DV400K, PV-DV600K PV-DV702K, PV-DV800K PV-DVP8-A Panasonic PV-GS Series PV-GS9, PV-GS12 PV-GS14, PV-GS15 Panasonic VDR-M Series VDR-M10, VDR-M20 Panasonic PV-BP8 Panasonic PV-VM202 Panasonic PVD-401 Panasonic NV-C7 Panasonic NV-MG3 HITACHI: DZ-BP14, DZ-BP16, DZ-BP28 PANASONIC : CGR-D08A, CGR-D120, CGR-D210, CGR-D220, CGR-D320, CGP-D28A, CGP-D28A/1B, CGP-D281B, VW-VBD25, CGR-D08A/1B, CGR-D120A/1B, CGP-D110, CGP-D120, CGP-D210, CGP-D220, CGP-D320, CGP-D815, CGR-D16A, CGR-D28A, CGR-D110, CGR-D120, CGR-D210, CGR-D220, CGR-815A, VSB0418

Product Code: VB120

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