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PDA & Pocket Computer Battery 1200mAh


Product Information

Replacement standard battery suitable for PDA's by O2, I-Mate, Qtek, T-Mobile, Dopod, HTC & Orange. * Dopod 696i; Dopod 699 * I-Mate 35H00020-01; PH17B; PH17C; Pocket PC * O2 35H00020-01; AHTXD2SN; PH17B; PH17C; XDA II; XDA IIi * Orange AHTXD2SN; SPV M1000 * Qtek 2020; 35H00020-01; PH17B; PH17C * T-Mobile 35H00020-01; MDA II; PH17B; PH17C Suit: O2, I-Mate, Qtek, T-Mobile, Dopod, HTC, Orange Chemistry: Lithium-Ion Polymer Voltage: 3.7V Nominal Capacity: 1200mAh Width: 55mm Height: 4.5mm Length/Breadth/Depth: 71.5mm Weight: 36.5g

Product Code: PDAB-35H00020-01


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