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Bosch 24v, 2607335280, 2607335268, BAT030,BAT031,


Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Information

Description Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery
Application Power Tool / Cordless Drill
Original Brand Bosch
Chemistry Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Voltage 24V
Nominal Capacity 2Ah
Brand Master (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Width 84mm
Height 133mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 131mm
Weight 1367g

Battery pack contains fast charge/high rate discharge Sanyo cells.

Contains quality high rate Japanese cells for extra power and long life Important note to our customers on Cordless Drill Battery replacements. ...know what you are buying! Our complete Cordless Drill replacement range of batteries contain premium High Rate Japanese cells. These cells are designed to withstand the very high rates of discharge current and intense cyclic use demanded from trade quality tools. Be assured, cheaper imitations containing unknown cells, will be short on cycle life and poor in overall performance. This is one application where cell quality counts For more information on this subject, please see our Battery Information link under the Information section of our website. This battery is a fully compatible alternatve to the original branded product



Suitable For:

Bosch 11524
Bosch 12524
Bosch 12524-03
Bosch 125-2411524
Bosch 13624
Bosch 13624-2G
Bosch 1645
Bosch 1645-24
Bosch 1645B-24
Bosch 1645K-24
Bosch 1660
Bosch 1660B
Bosch 1660K-24
Bosch 3452
Bosch 3924
Bosch 3924-24
Bosch 3960
Bosch 52324
Bosch 52324B
Bosch BACCS 24V
Bosch GBH 24V
Bosch GBH 24V/3B
Bosch GBH 24VF
Bosch GBH 24VF/3B
Bosch GCM 24V
Bosch GKG 24V
Bosch GKS 24V
Bosch GLI 24V
Bosch GMC 24V
Bosch GML 24V
Bosch GML 24V-CD
Bosch GSA 24V
Bosch GSA 24VE
Bosch GSA 24VEF
Bosch GSB 24VE-2
Bosch GSB 24VE-2/N
Bosch GSR 24VE-2
Bosch GSR 24VE-2/N
Bosch GST 24V
Bosch GST 24VH
Bosch PSB 24VE-2
Bosch SAW 24V

Compatible With:

Bosch 2 607 335 268
Bosch 2 607 335 280
Bosch 2 607 335 445
Bosch 2 607 335 446
Bosch 2 607 335 448
Bosch 2 607 335 510
Bosch 2 607 335 538
Bosch 2 607 335 561
Bosch 2 607 335 562
Bosch BAT030
Bosch BAT031
Bosch BAT240
Bosch BAT299

Product Code: BCBO-2607335280


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