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Varta 4.5v 3LR12, 4912, 4012 Alkaline Five PacK, Duracell Plus,MN1203,3LR61


Product Information

Manufactured by the battery experts - Varta.

This is a very high quality alkaline battery with a 3 - 4 year shelf life. Commonly used in Headlight Torches for caving etc. Two bendable Metal Tags on top.

Voltage: 4.5v Type: Alkaline Reference: 3LR12 , 4912, 4012, Duracell Plus,MN1203,3LR61

Also sold individually - See Varta4912-BP1


Five pack Savings - Save 20%! Order One and receive a pack of Five!

Product Code: Varta4912-BP5


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