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UNIDEN BT446, S3461


Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Code: CTB73

Product Information


Description Cordless Telephone Battery
Application Cordless Telephone
Original Brand Uniden
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Voltage 3.6V
Brand Mi Battery Experts
Width 32mm
Height 10.5mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 50mm
Weight 44g

Cordless phone battery replacing Uniden BT-446. May replace a version Uniden BT-750. Uniden list two different batteries under BT-750. If yours is not this model then check our model CTB47

Ensure the connector matches the type & polarity of the connector on the original battery.


Suitable For:
DSE F7356
DSE F7357
Uniden DSS2105
Uniden DSS2115
Uniden DSS2155
Uniden DSS2165
Uniden DSS34XX series
Uniden DSS5805
Uniden DSS5855
Uniden DSS5865
Uniden DSS58XX series
Uniden DSS7805
Uniden DSS7815
Uniden DSS7855
Uniden DSS78XX series
Uniden DSS7955
Uniden DSS7956
Uniden DSS79XX series
Uniden DSS89XX series
Uniden WDECT2300
Uniden WDECT2305
Uniden WDECT2315
Uniden WDECT2345
Uniden WDECT2355
Uniden WDECT33XX series
Uniden WDSS5335
Uniden WDSS53XX series
Compatible With:
Jackson CB3680B
Uniden BT-446
Uniden BT-750

Product Code: CTB73


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