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V40H Button Cell with Opposite Tags Zodiac Tri Pool Chlorinator

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Manufacturer: Varta

Product Code: 1/V40H Opposite Tags

Product Information

DescriptionV40H Button Cell with Opposite Tags
ApplicationMemory Back Up (MBU)
ChemistryNickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Nominal Capacity40mAh
Typical Capacity43mAh
Watt Hour0.0Wh


Suitable for use in Zodiac Tri Pool Chlorinators:

The 1/V40H replaces original cells used Varta V18HRT and Varta MBU20. The 1/V40H battery is taller but will fit and is electrically completely compatible. Run time is double of the original. 
Please Note: The chlorinator control PCB board requires 3 x 1/V40H + TAGS (Customers will need to order 3 units). 

Product Code: 1/V40H Opposite Tags

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