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AVH270 Adapter plate for NP-77 series battery


Manufacturer: ENECHARGER

Product Code: AVH270

Product Information


Camera Battery Charger Adaptor Plate for Sony, Sharp, Hitachi NiMH batteries

AVCAHMSA charger adaptor plate for NiCd/NiMH camcorder and digital camera batteries.

The AVCAHMSA is sold separately.

ApplicationDigital & Video cameras
Original BrandSony, Sharp, Hitachi

Compatible With:

Hitachi VM-BP67
Hitachi VM-BP82
Hitachi VM-BP82A
Hitachi VM-BP82G
Hitachi VM-BP83
Hitachi VM-BP83A
Hitachi VM-BP84
Hitachi VM-BP84A
Master VB55
Master VB55MH
Master VB5MH
Master VB6
Master VB6H
Master VB6HMH
Master VB77H
Master VB82H
Sharp BT-70
Sharp BT-70BK
Sharp BT-80
Sharp BT-80BK
Sharp BT-80SBK
Sharp BT-BH70
Sharp VR-BH70
Sony NP-33
Sony NP-55
Sony NP-55H
Sony NP-66
Sony NP-66H
Sony NP-67
Sony NP-68
Sony NP-77
Sony NP-77H
Sony NP-77HD
Sony NP-78
Sony NP-98
Sony NP-98D
Sony NP-C65

Product Code: AVH270

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