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Batteries listed on our website are generic copies of the original brand unless otherwise stated.
Highest quality internal cells are sourced and incorporated, (mostly Japanses cells) and battery casings are moulded to exact tolerances to ensure an accurate fit to your device.

Quality Control

We are premium distributors for Australia`s larges importer - Master Instruments Pty Ltd -  an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Endorsed Company

These recognised ISO standards ensure strict product quality control and testing proceedures, along with stock rotation and monitoring practices in accordance with such standards.
This testing process establishes very high standards of battery pack performance and reliability. Just like you, we do not want our batteries to have a problem!

Cordless Drill Batteries - Industrial Quality Guaranteed!
The Battery Doctor carry`s a wide range of generic copy replacements for Cordless Drills, that are as good as, or exceed the specifications of the original manufacturers product.
Cordless Drill replacement batteries in particular, need to be manufactured to very high standards to cope with the extreme demands of high power cordless tools in use today.
Our complete Cordless Drill replacement range contain special premium "High Rate" Japanese cells for industrial and trademans use.
These cells are designed to withstand very high rates of discharge current, and provide exceptional extended cycle life.

Be assured, cheaper imitations containing unknown cells, will be short on cycle life and poor in overall performance.



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