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How do I buy a battery from the Battery Doctor? 
1. Find your battery on our site. Use the "Search" box if you like to speed this process.
2. Click the "Add to Basket" button to place the item in the Shopping Cart.
3. Continue to click the appropriate buttons to "Proceed" to "Checkout"
4. During this process, new customers will be asked to type in a valid email address for registration. Enter the address and select "I am a new customer" and click "Continue"
5. Enter your customer delivery and invoice details into the form on display, enter a password, and then click "Continue"
6. Proceed to checkout!

Why is "Registration" necessary?
- "Registration" is required to provide The Battery Doctor with customer contact information and delivery address details. 
Registration also enables customers to "Log in" using an email address and their own password, to view the progress of their orders at any time. 

Can I "Register without having to buy something now?
Yes!. Simply click on the "Register" link at the top of the page and follow the instructions. You can Log in later to buy without going through the "Registration" process again.

What else do I need to know about "Registration"?
"Registration" is a once off proceedure, and involves supplying a valid email address and delivery address details.
Customer information is not passed on to third parties. Please see our "Privacy Policy" relating to this subject. Registration is necessary to collect customer contact and shipping details, and also to prevent misuse of our site. 
Both registration and logging in, require the customer to enter a username (customers email address) , and a password (chosen by the customer) to be able to proceed to checkout.

What happens at Checkout?
At checkout, a printable "Order Summary" is provided displaying the following information:

- An automatically generated "Order Number"
- Detail of "Items Ordered" including total amount payable including GST & Freight.
- Details on how and where to make payment (if Cheque, Money Order or EFT is chosen.

An automated email is also sent immediately to your email address as supplied containing "Order Summary " information for your records

If you have further questions, please use the "Contact us " link under the "Information" section.



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