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The Battery Doctor provides a One Year Warranty on most products.
Warranty is calculated from DOP - Date of purchase.

Warranty Procedure
If you experience a problem with one of our products...

- Contact Us using the "Contact Us" link under the information section of this website, and let us know with some detail what the problem is.
- If the problem cannot be resolved by correspondence, The Battery Doctor will provide a return authorisation (RA) number. 
- Quoting the RA number, the item can then be returned to us at the following address:

The Battery Doctor
15 Kahlua Crescent

Please do not return any item without contacting The Battery Doctor first!

Replacement Policy
All items returned for warranty undergo analysis at our workshop.
Faulty batteries are most commonly simply replaced, and a new battery dispatched asap to the customer.
We reserve the right to repair where practical.

Warranty Exceptions -Disclaimer
The Battery Doctor will not grant warranty on products or any part therof which have suffered through:

- Improper charging, discharging or insertion.
- Insertion into a faulty device
- Short circuit
- Shock damage
- Neglect
- Misuse
- Water damage
- Disasembly
- Accident

Warranty claims may be rejected if proof of purchase is not provided

Return / Refund Policy
We want to ensure our customers enjoy their experience shopping with the Battery Doctor.

We understand that in special circumstances, a refund is in order. The Battery Doctor considers refund requests on a case by case basis. 
Most all reasonable requests for refund are granted. 

Products that were ordered unintentionally may be subject to a Restocking fee. This is calculated case by case but generally is between 10 to 20% of the items price.



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