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Sony NP-QM51, NP-FM30, NP-FM50, NP-QM50


Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Information


Description Video & Camcorder Battery
Application Video & Camcorder, Digital Still Camera
Original Brand Sony
Chemistry Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Voltage 7.4V
Nominal Capacity 1400mAh
Brand Master (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Width 38.2mm
Height 20.5mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 55.5mm
Weight 76g


Suitable For:

Sony CCD-TRV108

Sony CCD-TRV140

Sony CCD-TRV18

Sony CCD-TRV19

Sony CCD-TRV20

Sony CCD-TRV208

Sony CCD-TRV218

Sony CCD-TRV240

Sony CCD-TRV25

Sony CCD-TRV27

Sony CCD-TRV308

Sony CCD-TRV340

Sony CCD-TRV408

Sony CCD-TRV408Q

Sony CCD-TRV418

Sony CCD-TRV425

Sony CCD-TRV50

Sony CCD-TRV608

Sony CCD-TRV740

Sony CCD-TRV840

Sony CCD-TRV950

Sony DCR-DVD100

Sony DCR-DVD200

Sony DCR-DVD300

Sony DCR-HC14

Sony DCR-HC15

Sony DCR-PC100

Sony DCR-PC101

Sony DCR-PC103

Sony DCR-PC105

Sony DCR-PC110

Sony DCR-PC120

Sony DCR-PC6

Sony DCR-PC8

Sony DCR-PC9

Sony DCR-TR238

Sony DCR-TRV10

Sony DCR-TRV11

Sony DCR-TRV12

Sony DCR-TRV14

Sony DCR-TRV140

Sony DCR-TRV145

Sony DCR-TRV15

Sony DCR-TRV16

Sony DCR-TRV17

Sony DCR-TRV18

Sony DCR-TRV19

Sony DCR-TRV208

Sony DCR-TRV215

Sony DCR-TRV218

Sony DCR-TRV22


Sony DCR-TRV230

Sony DCR-TRV235

Sony DCR-TRV238

Sony DCR-TRV239

Sony DCR-TRV24

Sony DCR-TRV240

Sony DCR-TRV245

Sony DCR-TRV25

Sony DCR-TRV250

Sony DCR-TRV27

Sony DCR-TRV30

Sony DCR-TRV325

Sony DCR-TRV33

Sony DCR-TRV330


Sony DCR-TRV340

Sony DCR-TRV345

Sony DCR-TRV350

Sony DCR-TRV355

Sony DCR-TRV38

Sony DCR-TRV39

Sony DCR-TRV40

Sony DCR-TRV408

Sony DCR-TRV418

Sony DCR-TRV430

Sony DCR-TRV50

Sony DCR-TRV530


Sony DCR-TRV60

Sony DCR-TRV70

Sony DCR-TRV725

Sony DCR-TRV730

Sony DCR-TRV738

Sony DCR-TRV740

Sony DCR-TRV748


Sony DCR-TRV80

Sony DCR-TRV828

Sony DCR-TRV830

Sony DCR-TRV840

Sony DCR-TRV950

Sony DSC-F707

Sony DSC-F717

Sony DSC-F828

Sony DSC-P120

Sony DSC-R1

Sony DSC-S30

Sony DSC-S50

Sony DSC-S70

Sony DSC-S75

Sony DSC-S85

Sony DSR-PDX10

Sony HDR-HC1

Sony MVC-CD200

Sony MVC-CD250

Sony MVC-CD300

Sony MVC-CD400

Sony MVC-CD500

Compatible With:




Sony NPFM30

Sony NP-FM30

Sony NPFM50

Sony NP-FM50

Sony NPFM51

Sony NP-FM70

Sony NP-FM90

Sony NPQM50

Sony NP-QM50

Sony NPQM51

Sony NP-QM51

Sony NP-QM70

Sony NP-QM71

Sony NP-QM90

Sony NP-QM91

Varta V286


Product Code: VBQM51


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