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Digital Still Camera battery replacement- various brands

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Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Code: DCB-NP900-BP1

Product Information

DescriptionConsumer Digital Camera Battery
ApplicationDigital Still Camera
Original BrandAcer, Agfa, Aosta, Avant, BenQ, Funtwist, JWIN, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Maginon, Medion, Minox, Olympus Praktica, Premier, Prosio, Revue, Rollei, Sealife, Traveler, Vivitar, Voightlander
ChemistryLithium Ion (LiIon)
Nominal Capacity850mAh
Watt Hour3.1Wh

Suitable For:

Acer CS-5530
Acer CS 6531-N
Agfa 4Ti
Aosta DA4092
Aosta DA5091
Aosta DA5092
Aosta DA5094
Avant S4
Avant S6
Benq DC C500
Benq DC E43
Benq DC E53
Benq DC E53+
Benq DC E63+
Benq DC E720
DSE XG3100
DSE XG3108
Funtwist D-Clip F5
Konica Minolta DiMAGE E40
Konica Minolta DiMAGE E50
Kyocera EZ4033
Maginon DC-6600
Maginon DC-6800
Maginon Performic S5
Maginon Slimline X4
Maginon Slimline X5
Maginon Slimline X50
Maginon Slimline X6
Maginon Slimline X60
Maginon Slimline XS6
Medion MD 85700
Minox DC 4211
Minox DC 5222
Minox DC 6311
Olympus T-100
Olympus T110
Olympus X-36
Olympus X-960
Praktika Luxmedia 7103
Premier DM-5331
Premier DM-6331
Premier DS-4330
Premier DS-4331
Premier DS-4341
Premier DS-4346
Premier DS-5080
Premier DS-5330
Premier DS-5341
Premier DS-6330
Premier DS-6340
Premier DS-T5
Premier SL-6
Premier SL-63
Prosio Slim Neo Xc534
Prosio Slim Neo Xi
Revue DC50 slim
Revue DC55 slim
Revue DC5 super slim
Revue DC6
Revue DC65 slim
Revue DC6 super slim
Rollei DS6
Rollei Prego dp4200
Rollei Prego dp5200
Rollei Prego dp5700
Rollei Prego dp6200
Rollei Prego dp6300
Sealife Reefmaster DC 500
Sealife S5
Traveler DC-5030
Traveler DC-5080
Traveler DC-7080
Traveler Slimline X4
Traveler Slimline X5
Traveler Slimline X6
Traveler Slimline XT
Traveler Super Slim XS-7
Vivitar Vivicam 3830
Vivitar Vivicam 3945S
Vivitar Vivicam 5340s
Voigtlander Virtus D4
Voigtlander Virtus D5
Voigtlander Virtus D500
Voigtlander Virtus D6
Voigtlander Virtus D600
Voigtlander Virtus S6

Compatible With:

Avant BATS4
Benq 02491-0015-00
Konica Minolta 02491-0015-00
Konica Minolta NP-900
Olympus Li-80B
Rollei 02491-0015-00
Rollei 02491-0037-00
Traveler 02491-0015-00
Traveler 02491-0025-00
Traveler 02491-0026-00
Traveler 02491-0037-01

Product Code: DCB-NP900-BP1

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