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EY9L40 Panasonic Replacement Battery 4Ah

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Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Code: BCP-EY9L40B-BP1

Product Information

DescriptionLithium Ion Power Tool Battery for Panasonic
ApplicationPower tools
Original BrandPanasonic
ChemistryLithium Ion
Nominal Capacity4.0Ah
Watt Hour57.6Wh
BrandMaster (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)

This battery pack features high power lithium ion cells for excellent performance.

For the care of our customers our lithium ion battery packs feature built in safety protection circuit devices (where applicable) inside each battery pack. For extra safety the cells used in our lithium ion battery packs have cell protection devices built into the individual cells.

Some lithium ion battery models are interchangeable on tools also capable of using nickel cadmium & nickel metal hydride batteries. This does not mean the original chargers for those battery types are compatible with lithium ion batteries. For correct and safe charging always ensure your charger is compatible with lithium ion batteries. We offer chargers for some models of lithium ion tool batteries.


Suitable For:

Panasonic EY3640K
Panasonic EY3641K
Panasonic EY3641LZ1S
Panasonic EY3740B
Panasonic EY4541X
Panasonic EY4542XM
Panasonic EY4640X
Panasonic EY7440LN2S
Panasonic EY7440LZ2S
Panasonic EY7440X
Panasonic EY7441LE2S
Panasonic EY7441LZ2S
Panasonic EY7441X
Panasonic EY7540LN2S
Panasonic EY7541LZ2S
Panasonic EY7541X
Panasonic EY7542LZ2S
Panasonic EY7840LZ2S
Panasonic EY7840X
Panasonic EY7940LZ2S
Panasonic EY7940X
Panasonic EZ3740
Panasonic EZ7440
Panasonic EZ7440LN2S
Panasonic EZ7440LN2S-B
Panasonic EZ7440X
Panasonic EZ7440X-B
Panasonic EZ7540
Panasonic EZ7540LN2S
Panasonic EZ7540LN2S-B
Panasonic EZ7540X
Panasonic EZ7540X-B
Panasonic EZ7541
Panasonic EZ7541LN2S-B
Panasonic EZ7541X-B
Panasonic EZ7544
Panasonic EZ7544LN2S-B
Panasonic EZ7544X-B

Compatible With:

Panasonic EY9L40B
Panasonic EY9L41B
Panasonic EY9L42B
Panasonic EZ9L40

Product Code: BCP-EY9L40B-BP1

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