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Product Code: LCB187

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Description: Laptop Computer Battery Application: Notebook & Laptop Computer Chemistry: Lithium Ion (LiIon) Voltage: 11.1V Nominal Capacity: 6900mAh Width: 70.5mm Height: 18.3mm Length/Breadth/Depth: 206.5mm Weight: 474g Sony PCG-6C1N; VFB-S1-XP; VFN-S90PSY5; VGN-FJ10B; VGN-FJ170/B; VGN-FJ170P/B; VGN-FJ180P/G; VGN-FJ180P/L; VGN-FJ180P/R; VGN-FJ180P/W; VGN-FJ90PS; VGN-FJ90S; VGN-FS115B; VGN-FS115M; VGN-FS115S; VGN-FS115Z; VGN-FS15C; VGN-FS15GP; VGN-FS15SP; VGN-FS15TP; VGN-FS18CP; VGN-FS18GP; VGN-FS18SP; VGN-FS18TP; VGN-FS195VP; VGN-FS20; VGN-FS21; VGN-FS215B; VGN-FS215E; VGN-FS215M; VGN-FS215S; VGN-FS215Z; VGN-FS21B; VGN-FS22B; VGN-FS22VB; VGN-FS25C; VGN-FS25GP; VGN-FS25SP; VGN-FS285B; VGN-FS285E; VGN-FS285H; VGN-FS285M; VGN-FS28C; VGN-FS28GP; VGN-FS28SP; VGN-FS30B; VGN-FS31B; VGN-FS32B; VGN-FS35C; VGN-FS35TP; VGN-FS38C; VGN-FS3B; VGN-FS500; VGN-FS500P12; VGN-FS50B; VGN-FS51B; VGN-FS520B; VGN-FS52B; VGN-FS530B; VGN-FS540P; VGN-FS550; VGN-FS570; VGN-FS625B/W; VGN-FS630/W; VGN-FS635B/W; VGN-FS640/W; VGN-FS640QW; VGN-FS645P/H; VGN-FS660/W; VGN-FS675P/H; VGN-FS680/W; VGN-FS690; VGN-FS70B; VGN-FS71B; VGN-FS740/W; VGN-FS742/W; VGN-FS745P/H; VGN-FS750P/W; VGN-FS775P/H; VGN-FS780/W; VGN-FS790; VGN-FS90PS; VGN-FS90S; VGN-FS91PS; VGN-FS91PSY; VGN-FS91S; VGN-FS92PS; VGN-FS92S; VGN-S150; VGN-S150/P; VGN-S150F; VGN-S150P; VGN-S16GP; VGN-S16SP; VGN-S170/P; VGN-S170F; VGN-S18GP; VGN-S18SP; VGN-S1HP; VGN-S1XP; VGN-S240 Series; VGN-S25GP; VGN-S260 Series; VGN-S260P; VGN-S26GP; VGN-S26SP; VGN-S270; VGN-S270 Series; VGN-S270P; VGN-S270P BTO; VGN-S28GP; VGN-S28SP; VGN-S350F; VGN-S360; VGN-S360P; VGN-S36C/B; VGN-S36C/S; VGN-S36GP; VGN-S36GP/S; VGN-S36SP; VGN-S36TP; VGN-S370F; VGN-S380; VGN-S380 Series CTO; VGN-S380B; VGN-S380P; VGN-S38CP; VGN-S38CP/B; VGN-S38GP; VGN-S38GP/B; VGN-S38GP/S; VGN-S38SP; VGN-S38TP; VGN-S3HP; VGN-S3XP; VGN-S430P/S; VGN-S45SP; VGN-S460/B; VGN-S460P/B; VGN-S46GP; VGN-S46GP/B; VGN-S46GP/S; VGN-S470P/S; VGN-S47SP; VGN-S480; VGN-S480P; VGN-S480P CTO; VGN-S48CP/B; VGN-S48GP; VGN-S48GP/B; VGN-S49CP/B; VGN-S4HP; VGN-S4M/S; VGN-S4VP/B; VGN-S4XP; VGN-S50B; VGN-S51B; VGN-S52B/S; VGN-S53B/S; VGN-S54B/S; VGN-S550P/S; VGN-S55C/S; VGN-S55CP/S; VGN-S560P/B; VGN-S56C/B; VGN-S56C/S; VGN-S56CP/B; VGN-S56CP/S; VGN-S56GP/S; VGN-S570P/S; VGN-S580; VGN-S58CP/B; VGN-S58GP/B; VGN-S59CP/B; VGN-S62PS/S; VGN-S62PSY1; VGN-S62PSY2; VGN-S62PSY3; VGN-S62PSY4; VGN-S62S/S; VGN-S70B; VGN-S71PB; VGN-S72PB/B; VGN-S73PB/B; VGN-S90PS; VGN-S90PSY1; VGN-S90PSY2; VGN-S90PSY3; VGN-S90PSY4; VGN-S90PSY5; VGN-S90PSY6; VGN-S90S; VGN-S91PS; VGN-S91PSY1; VGN-S91PSY2; VGN-S91PSY3; VGN-S91PSY4; VGN-S91PSY5; VGN-S91PSY6; VGN-S91S; VGN-S92PS/S; VGN-S92PSY1; VGN-S92PSY2; VGN-S92S/S; VGN-S93PS/S; VGN-S93PSY; VGN-S93S/S; VGN-S94PS; VGN-S94PS1; VGN-S94PS2; VGN-S94PS3; VGN-S94S; VGN-Y18GP; VGN-Y70P; VGN-Y90PSY1; VGN-Y90PSY2; VGP-BPL2; VGP-BPS2; VGP-BPS2A, VGP-BPS2C This battery is a fully compatible alternatve to the original branded product

Product Code: LCB187


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