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12 cell 99W/Hr laptop battery compatible with Compaq Presario V3000 series and Presario V6000 series


Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Information

Description Laptop Computer Battery
Application Notebook & Laptop Computer
Original Brand Compaq, Hewlett Packard
Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 10.8V
Nominal Capacity 9.2Ah
Watt Hour 99.4Wh
Width 58.5mm
Height 42.2mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 206.9mm
Weight 614g
Cell Type Used: Panasonic Cells Used for superior performance & extended service life.

12 cell battery.

 Replaces: 411462-141 411462-261 411462-321 411462-421 411462-442 411463-141 411463-161 411464-141 417066-001 417067-001 432306-001 432307-001 436281-241 436281-251 436281-361 436281-422 440772-001 441425-001 441611-001 446506-001 446507-001 451864-001 452056-001 452057-001 454931-001 455804-001 455806-001 460143-001 EV088AA EV089AA EX940AA EX941AA HP010515-DK023R11 HSTNN-DB31 HSTNN-DB32 HSTNN-DB42 HSTNN-IB31 HSTNN-IB32 HSTNN-IB42 HSTNN-LB31 DV2132TX, HSTNN-LB311 HSTNN-LB42 HSTNN-OB31 HSTNN-OB42 HSTNN-Q21C HSTNN-Q33C HSTNN-W20C HSTNN-W34C NBP6A48A1 B-5997 BL-5514 BL-5514L ER-L650 ER-L650X HP-DV2000 HP-DV2000H L18650-12DVV L18650-6DVV LBHP088AA NB414

Product Code: LCB378


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