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12V/24V USB Car Charger for ZTE


Manufacturer: ENECHARGER

Product Code: CC1224U-ZTE850

Product Information

Description 12V/24V USB Car Charger for ZTE
Brand Enecharger


About Enecharger

The enecharger series of portable device chargers/power adaptors offers a total charging solution for most modern digital devices including:

  • mobile phones
  • tablets
  • PDAs
  • portable games
  • digital cameras
  • portable media players
  • GPS devices
  • most other devices that can be charged from a USB power source
Now the average household can use one charger/power adaptor for most devices rather than needing a different fixed plug charger for each individual device.

The key components that make up the versatile enecharger range are the AC or DC power supplies, a diverse range of adaptor plugs and adaptor cables# that can be purchased in ready-to-go kits or separately as required when users change their devices.

The enecharger USB power cable affords users the freedom to charge their devices at home, in the office or on the go from any USB power source.


*Please note some devices use a USB adaptor cable for power/charging and also for communications/uploading/downloading with a computer. Except where marked#, the enecharger range is designed primarily for power/charging so may not always work for communication with a computer.

#Adaptor cables beginning with prefix CDC are both charge & data communications cables.


Suitable For:

Telstra Easytouch Discovery
Telstra T100
Telstra T106
Telstra T165i
Telstra T2
Telstra T6
Telstra T870 Glide
Telstra T90
ZTE F150
ZTE F151
ZTE F152
ZTE F153
ZTE F156
ZTE F158
ZTE F159
ZTE F165
ZTE F165i
ZTE F252
ZTE F256
ZTE F850
ZTE F851
ZTE F852
ZTE F858
ZTE T100
ZTE T106
ZTE T165i
ZTE T870 Glide

Product Code: CC1224U-ZTE850

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