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Acer Aspire Acer Travelmate Series MS2169, 3500 etc


Product Code: LCB208

Product Information

Suits many Acer Laptops Please enquire if you are not sure of compatability. MS2169 MODEL High Capacity version. COMPATIBLE MODELS: Aspire 3000, Aspire 3003, Aspire 3003CLi, Travelmate 4010, BT.T5003.001, BT.T5003.002, BT.T5005.001 BT.T5005.002, BT.T5007.001, BT.T5007.002 LC.BTP03.003 Lithium Ion (LiIon) Voltage: 14.8V Nominal Capacity: 4600mAh Width: 60.3mm Height: 20.6mm Length/Breadth/Depth: 221.3mm Acer Aspire & Acer TravelMate computers using 3 cell & 6 cell 10.8V & 11.1V batteries or 14.4V & 14.8V 4 cell & 8 cell batteries will also accept this model 14.8V 8 cell high capacity battery. This battery is a fully compatible alternatve to the original branded product For Models: Acer Aspire 1410 Acer Aspire 3000 Aspire 1411 Aspire 1411WLMi Aspire 1412 Aspire 1412LC Aspire 1412LCi Aspire 1412LM Aspire 1412LMi Aspire 1412WLMi Aspire 1413 Aspire 1413LC Aspire 1413LM Aspire 1413LMi Aspire 1413WLMi Aspire 1414 Aspire 1414L Aspire 1414LC Aspire 1414LM Aspire 1414LMi Aspire 1414WLCi Aspire 1414WLMi Aspire 1415 Aspire 1415LMi Aspire 1640 Series Aspire 1640LC Aspire 1641LM Aspire 1641LMi Aspire 1641WLMi Aspire 1642WLMi Aspire 1650 Series Aspire 1651NWLCi Aspire 1651WLCi Aspire 1651WLMi Aspire 1652WLMi Aspire 1654WLMi Aspire 1680WLCi Aspire 1680WLMi Aspire 3000LC Aspire 3000LCi Aspire 3000LM Aspire 3000LMi Aspire 3000WLMi Aspire 3001LC Aspire 3001WLCi Aspire 3001WLMi Aspire 3002LC Aspire 3002LCi Aspire 3002LMi Aspire 3002NLC Aspire 3002NLCi Aspire 3002NWLCi Aspire 3002WLCi Aspire 3002WLMi Aspire 3003LC Aspire 3003LCi Aspire 3003LMi Aspire 3003WLCi Aspire 3004WLMi Aspire 3005LCi Aspire 3005WLMi Aspire 3500 Series Aspire 3500WLCi Aspire 3500WLMi Aspire 3502LC Aspire 3502LCi Aspire 3502LMi Aspire 3502NLCi Aspire 3502WLC Aspire 3502WLCi Aspire 3502WLMi Aspire 3503NWLMi Aspire 3503WLCi Aspire 3503WLMi Aspire 3505LMi Aspire 3505WLMi Aspire 3508WLMi Aspire 3509WLMi Aspire 5000 Series Aspire 5000WLMi Aspire 5001LCi Aspire 5001LM Aspire 5001LMi Aspire 5001WLCi Aspire 5001WLMi Aspire 5002LC Aspire 5002LCi Aspire 5002LM Aspire 5002LMi Aspire 5002NWLMi Aspire 5002WLCi Aspire 5002WLM Aspire 5002WLMi Aspire 5003WLCi Aspire 5003WLMi Aspire 5004WLCi Aspire 5004WLMi Aspire 5005WLMi Aspire 5510 Series Aspire 5512WLMi Extensa 3002LMi TravelMAte 2300 TravelMate 2313NL # ACER ASPIRE 1680 SERIES Aspire 1680 Aspire 1681 Aspire 1681LC Aspire 1681lci Aspire 1681lmi Aspire 1681WLC Aspire 1681wlci Aspire 1681WLM Aspire 1681WLMi Aspire 1682 Aspire 1682lci Aspire 1682LMi Aspire 1682WLC Aspire 1682wlci Aspire 1682WLM Aspire 1682wlmi Aspire 1683 Aspire 1683LMi Aspire 1683WLM Aspire 1683wlmi Aspire 1684wlmi Aspire 1685 Aspire 1685WLCi Aspire 1685wlmi Aspire 1689 Aspire 1689wlmi # ACER ASPIRE 1690 SERIES Aspire 1690 Aspire 1690LCi Aspire 1690LMi Aspire 1690WLCi Aspire 1690WLMi Aspire 1691 Aspire 1691LCi Aspire 1691LMi Aspire 1691WLCi Aspire 1691WLM Aspire 1691wlmi Aspire 1692 Aspire 1692LMi Aspire 1692WCLi Aspire 1692WLMi Aspire 1693 Aspire 1693WLCi Aspire 1693WLM Aspire 1694LMi Aspire 1694WLCi Aspire 1694WLMi Aspire 1695 Aspire 1695WLMi Aspire 1696WLMi # ACER TRAVELMATE 2300 SERIES Travelmate 2301lc Travelmate 2301lci Travelmate 2301lm Travelmate 2301lmi Travelmate 2301wlmi Travelmate 2301wlmi Pro Travelmate 2301xc Travelmate 2302lc Travelmate 2302lci Travelmate 2302lmi Travelmate 2303lc Travelmate 2303lci Travelmate 2303lci-855-xpp Travelmate 2303lci-xpp Travelmate 2303lm Travelmate 2303lmi Travelmate 2303nlc Travelmate 2303wlci-855-xph Travelmate 2303wlci-855-xph-fr Travelmate 2303wlci-xph Travelmate 2303wlci-xph-f Travelmate 2303wlmi Travelmate 2303wlmi Pro Travelmate 2304lc Travelmate 2304lci Travelmate 2304lmi Travelmate 2304wlci Travelmate 2304wlmi # ACER TRAVELMATE 4000 SERIES Travelmate 4001lmi Travelmate 4001wlmi Travelmate 4002lmi Travelmate 4051lmi # ACER TRAVELMATE 4100 TravelMate 4102WLC TravelMate 4102WLCi TravelMate 4102WLM TravelMate 4102WLMi TravelMate 4103 TravelMate 4103LCi TravelMate 4103LMi TravelMate 4103WLCi TravelMate 4104 TravelMate 4104WLMi TravelMate 4106 TravelMate 4106WLMi # ACER TRAVELMATE 4100 SERIES Travelmate 4100 Travelmate 4101lmi # ACER TRAVELMATE 4500 SERIES TravelMate 4500ALCi TravelMate 4500LCi TravelMate 4500LMi TravelMate 4500WLCi TravelMate 4500WLMi TravelMate 4501 TravelMate 4501ALC Travelmate 4501alci Travelmate 4501lci Travelmate 4501lmi Travelmate 4501wlc Travelmate 4501wlci TravelMate 4501WLM Travelmate 4501wlmi TravelMate 4502 Travelmate 4502alci TravelMate 4502LC Travelmate 4502lci Travelmate 4502lmi Travelmate 4502wlci TravelMate 4502WLM Travelmate 4502wlmi TravelMate 4503 TravelMate 4503LCi TravelMate 4503LMi TravelMate 4503WLCi TravelMate 4504 TravelMate 4504LM Travelmate 4504lmi # ACER TRAVELMATE 4600 SERIES Travelmate 4600 TravelMate 4601 TravelMate 4601LC Travelmate 4601lci TravelMate 4601LM TravelMate 4601LMi TravelMate 4601WLM Travelmate 4601wlmi TravelMate 4602 TravelMate 4602LCi TravelMate 4602LMi TravelMate 4602WLM Travelmate 4602wlmi TravelMate 4603 TravelMate 4603WLCi TravelMate 4603WLMi TravelMate 4604 TravelMate 4604WLCi TravelMate 4604WLM TravelMate 4604WLMi TravelMate 2313LMi # ACER TRAVELMATE SERIES TravelMAte 4000 TravelMAte 4500

Product Code: LCB208

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