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BT-800, P-P510, Uniden, Panasonic


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Popular replacement battery for many cordless phones. Voltage: 3.6v Capacity: 1000mAh Chemistry: Ni-Cd Sony BP-T24, Uniden BT800, BT905, XSA975, XSA965, XSA955, XSR918, XSR917, XS916, XS915, XS910 Panasonic P-P508, P-P508A, P-P508T, P-P510, P-P510A, N4HKGMB00001, KX-TG2563, KX-TG2583, KX-TG2403, KX-TG2503, KX-TG2553, KX-TG2593, KX-TG2401, KX-TG2451, KX-TG2481, KX-TG2563, KX-TG2501, KX-TG2564, KX-TG2584, KX-TG2562, KX-TC1801, KX-TC1802, KX-TC1805, KX-TC1808, KX-TC1812, KX-TC1831,KX-TC1832, KX-TC1851, KX-TC1852,KX-TC1855, KX-TC1858, KX-TC1861, KX-TC1862, KX-TC1863, KX-TC1865, TC1866, KX-TC1867, KX-TC1868, TC1871, KX-TC1872, KX-TC1882, TC1886, KX-TC1887, KX-TC1891, KX-TC1892. KX-FC175, KX-FC175AL This battery is a fully compatible alternatve to the original branded product

Product Code: CTB59

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