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CLRspkr - West Mountain Radio CLRspkr Clearspeech DSP Noise Reduction Speaker

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Manufacturer: West Mountain Radio

Product Code: CLRspkr

Product Information

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DescriptionWest Mountain Radio CLRspkr Clearspeech DSP Noise Reduction Speaker


CLRspkr amplified loudspeaker with ClearSpeech® adaptive DSP noise reduction for voice and CW.


  • Recognises intermittent nature of CW and allows it to pass noise free
  • Continuously variable adaptive filter noise reduction
  • Contains 4-in. loudspeaker with 7.5 watts RMS maximum amplifier
  • Volume control knob for adjustment of internal speaker sound level
  • Front mounted 1/8 - inch stereo output jack for powered speakers or 16 ohm (or higher) headphones
  • On-off switch with green indicator LED
  • LED flashes red to indicate digital overload clipping
  • Small, lightweight, with mounting bracket - ideal for mobile operation and home station
  • Powerpole® plugs into any 12V supply.


  • Power Requirements: 9 to 16 VDC; 1.1A typical before onset of clipping
  • Audio Input: High impedance, 0.01 VAC
  • Voltage Gain: 46 dB
  • Audio Output Power: 7.5 watts RMS maximum into 8 ohms @ 13.8 VDC
  • Maximum Audio Ouput Voltage: 7.75 Vrms
  • Input Clipping Level: 0.04 volts RMS
  • Frequency Response (filter enabled): 300 Hz to 3400 Hz
  • Frequency Response (filter disabled): 300 Hz to 12000 Hz
  • Noise Reduction Characteristics: Adaptive, single tone greater than 50 dB

Product Code: CLRspkr

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