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LICB-18650-3S2P-HC-R - 10.8V 6.7Ah High Capacity LiIon Battery with CE180 2.1mm DC Jack

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Product Code: LICB-18650-3S2P-HC-R

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10.8V 6.7Ah High Capacity LiIon Battery with CE180 2.1mm DC Jack

Cell Brand: Panasonic NCR18650BF

ChemistryLithium Ion (LiIon)
Nominal Capacity6.5Ah
Watt Hour72.4Wh
Maximum Continuous
Discharge Current
  • Do not attempt to charge these batteries using chargers for nickel based batteries or any charger not specifically designed for rechargeable lithium technology.
  • This cell is manufactured for use in a battery pack assembly. It is not intended for use without a protection circuit. For equipment designed to use individual cells a protection circuit can be incorporated.
  • MI's current range of protected lithium ion cells can be viewed on this page.
  • Single unprotected cells are available to recognised customers. An indemnity waiver may be required for supply to take place. For safety information please read this safety precaution.
  • Lithium ion cells can be assembled into single or multi-cell battery packs by authorised pack assembly centres such as our company that have been approved for safety circuit assembly and Lithium Ion pack design.


Product Code: LICB-18650-3S2P-HC-R

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