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Lithium Ion Camcorder Charger


Product Code: CX1500

Product Information

New model with LCD Display now includes an AA / AAA holder plate.. Suits most 3.6v 7.2v 7.4v Lithium Ion (Li-ION) type camcorder batteries, supplied in retail blister pack. Pack Includes: 1 x CX1000 Charger, 5 x adaptor plates, 1 x 240v plug pack power supply, 1 x 12v cig lighter lead, instructions. Accepts the following battery types: CANON BP-911 BP-914 BP-915 BP-941 BP-924 BP-927 BP-930 BP-945 BP-511 BP-512 BP-522 BP-535 BP-608 BP-617 NB-1L NB-1LH NB-2L , NB-3L, NB-4L, BP-2L12 NB2F12 FUJI NP-30 NP-40 NP-60 NP-80 NP-100 NP-120 DRLB4 HITACHI VM-BPL-13 VM-BLP-27 VM-BPL-30 VM-BPL-60 VM-E330 VM-E535 VM-NP500 VM-N520 JVC BN-V812 BN-V814 BN-V408 BN-V416 BN-V428 BN-V607 BN-V615 BN-V628 BN-V712 BN-V714 BN-V507 BN-V514 J-1723 BN-V907 BN-V214 BN-V207BN-V101 BN-V107 BN-V114 KODAK KLIC-5000 KLIC-3000 KONICA DR-LB1 DR-LB4 PANASONIC VW-VBD1EVW-VBD2 CGR-D120 CGR-D110 CGR-D210 CGR-D220 CGR-D320 VW-VBD21 VW-VBD23 VW-VBD24 CGR-V610 CGR-V620E CGR-D53A, CGR-V14 CGR-V26 CGP-110E CGP-120E CGP-145 CGP-165 CGP-285 CGR-D16A CGR-D28A CGR-D080A CGR-B202 CGP-D14 CGP-D16 CGP-D21 CGP-D28 CGR-S620E CGR-101 DMW-BCA7 VW-VBP10 CGA-DU07 CGA-DU14 CGA-DU21 KYOCERA BP-800S BP-1000S MINOLTA NP200 NIKON EN-EL1 EN-EL2 EN-EL3 OLYMPUS DB-L10 LI-10B PENTAX D-L12 D-L17 D-L18, NP-40 POLAROID PR-110DG RCA BB-065L BB-075 BB-075L RICOH DB-30 DB-40 DB-43 SAMSUNG SBL-160 SBL-320 SBL-480 SANYO VM-LC100UR-211 UR-421DB-L10 SHARP BT-L1 BT-L2 BT-L11 BT-L12 BT-L22 BT-L441 BT-L221 BTL41 VR-BL72 VR-BL91 BT-L31 VR-BL71 VR-BL75 VR-BL81 BT-L226 AD-S30BT AD-S31BT AD-T50BT AD-T51BT SONY NP-F300 NP-F330 NP-F500 NP-F520 NP-F530 NP-F550 NP-F720 NP-F730 NP-F750 NP-F930 NP-F950 NP-F960 NP-F730H NP-F100 NP-F200 NP-FM50 NP-FM70 NP-FM90 NP-QM71 NP-QM91 NP-FF50 NP-FF70 NP-FC10 NP-F10 NP-F20 NP-F30 NP-FS11 NP-FS21 NP-FS31 TOSHIBA PDR-BT2 PDR-BT3 PDR-BT9 PDR-BT1 THOMPSON BAT600

Product Code: CX1500

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