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SB-MC3000L - Scanner & Data Terminal battery suitable for Symbol MC3000 Laser, MC3090

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Manufacturer: Master

Product Code: SB-MC3000L

Product Information

DescriptionScanner & Data Terminal battery suitable for Symbol MC3000 Laser, MC3090
ApplicationPortable Barcode Scanner Battery, Data Terminals
Original BrandSymbol
ChemistryLithium Ion Polymer (LiPo)
Nominal Capacity2.7Ah
Watt Hour10.0Wh
Cell Type Used:Sony Cells Used for increased run time.

Suitable For:

Symbol MC30
Symbol MC3000
Symbol MC3000 Laser
Symbol MC3000R
Symbol MC3000R-LC28S00G-E
Symbol MC3000R-LC28S00GER
Symbol MC3000R-LC38S00G-E
Symbol MC3000R-LC38S00GER
Symbol MC3000R-LC48S00G-E
Symbol MC3000R-LC48S00GER
Symbol MC3000R-LM28S00K-E
Symbol MC3000R-LM28S00KER
Symbol MC3000R-LM28S00LER
Symbol MC3000R-LM38S00K-E
Symbol MC3000R-LM38S00KER
Symbol MC3000R-LM38S00LER
Symbol MC3000R-LM48S00K-E
Symbol MC3000R-LM48S00KER
Symbol MC3000R-LM48S00LER
Symbol MC3000RLCP28S-00E
Symbol MC3000RLCP38S-00E
Symbol MC3000RLCP48S-00E
Symbol MC3000RLMC28S-00E
Symbol MC3000RLMC38S-00E
Symbol MC3000RLMC48S-00E
Symbol MC3000S
Symbol MC3070
Symbol MC3070 Laser
Symbol MC3090
Symbol MC3090 Laser
Symbol MC3090G
Symbol MC3090R-LC38S00G
Symbol MC3090R-LC48S00MER
Symbol MC3090R-LC48SBAGER
Symbol MC3090R-LC48SBAQER
Symbol MC3090R-LM28S00K-E
Symbol MC3090R-LM28S00KER
Symbol MC3090R-LM28S00LER
Symbol MC3090R-LM38S00K-E
Symbol MC3090R-LM38S00KER
Symbol MC3090R-LM38S00LER
Symbol MC3090R-LM48S00K-E
Symbol MC3090R-LM48S00KER
Symbol MC3090R-LM48S00LER
Symbol MC3090S-DC48H00G-E
Symbol MC3090S-DC48H00GER
Symbol MC3090S-IC28H00G-E
Symbol MC3090S-IC28H00GER
Symbol MC3090S-IC28HBAG-E
Symbol MC3090S-IC28HBAGER
Symbol MC3090S-IC28HBAMER
Symbol MC3090S-IC28HBAQER
Symbol MC3090S-IC2MH00GER
Symbol MC3090S-IC38H00G-E
Symbol MC3090S-IC38H00GER
Symbol MC3090S-IC38HBAG-E
Symbol MC3090S-IC38HBAGER
Symbol MC3090S-IC38HBAMER
Symbol MC3090S-IC38HBAQER
Symbol MC3090S-IC48H00G-E
Symbol MC3090S-IC48H00GER
Symbol MC3090S-IC48HBAGER
Symbol MC3090S-IC48HBAQER
Symbol MC3090S-LC28HBAQER
Symbol MC3090S-LC28S00GER
Symbol MC3090S-LC28S00MER
Symbol MC3090S-LC28SBAGER
Symbol MC3090S-LC38HBAQER
Symbol MC3090S-LC38S00GER
Symbol MC3090S-LC38S00MER
Symbol MC3090S-LC48HBAQER
Symbol MC3090S-LC48S00GER
Symbol MC30X0RLCP28S-00E
Symbol MC30X0RLCP38S-00E
Symbol MC30X0RLCP48S-00E
Symbol MC30X0RLMC28S-00E
Symbol MC30X0RLMC38S-00E
Symbol MC30X0RLMC48S-00E
Symbol MC30X0SICP28H-00E
Symbol MC30X0SICP38H-00E
Symbol MC30X0SICP48H-00E
Symbol MC30x0 Laser
Symbol MC30xx Slim

Compatible With:

Symbol 402-64123
Symbol 55-002148-01
Symbol 55-0211152-02
Symbol 55-060117-05
Symbol 55-060117-86
Symbol BTRY-MC30KAB01
Symbol BTRY-MC30KAB01-01
Symbol BTRY-MC30KAB02
Symbol BTRY-MC31KAB02
Symbol SY29L-1D

Product Code: SB-MC3000L


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