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Tom Tom TomTom Via


Manufacturer: Brand New Quality Generic Copy

Product Information

Application GPS devices
Original Brand TomTom
Chemistry Lithium Ion
Voltage 3.7V
Nominal Capacity 970mAh
Width 37mm
Height 43.7mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 6mm
Weight 18g


Suitable For:

TomTom 1EN4.019.00
TomTom 1EN4.019.01
TomTom 1EN4.019.02
TomTom 1EN5.019.00
TomTom 1EN5.019.01
TomTom 1EN5.019.02
TomTom 1EV4.019.02
TomTom 1EV5.019.02
TomTom 1EV5.019.03
TomTom 4EN52
TomTom VIA 1405
TomTom VIA 1405M
TomTom VIA 1405T
TomTom VIA 1435T
TomTom VIA 1435TM
TomTom VIA 1505
TomTom VIA 1505M
TomTom VIA 1505T
TomTom VIA 1535T
TomTom VIA 1535TM

Compatible With:

TomTom 6027A0114501
TomTom KL1

Product Code: GPSB-KL1


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